Thousands of people have seen the installation ‘Weatherness’, which was shown in
the Affiche Galerij at Spui Station (tram tunnel) in The Hague from March to June 2018. At an early stage, even before the start of the exhibition period, the temporary nature of this installation gave me the idea of making a publication on the ‘Weatherness’ project. In the setup of this book I have sought to go beyond presenting a narrative and visual account. In brief: I want to make the impossible possible by giving the installation a continued existence in book form. In designing the ‘Weatherness’ installation, I of course based myself on the specific character of the (semi-) public space of the Affiche Galerij. Part I contains information on the project and its execution.
This publication requires a different approach. I arranged the substantive aspects of the ‘Weatherness’ installation in a different way so they can be experienced as a virtual journey in the form of a travel guide: ‘Weatherness Revisited’. This travel guide is in part II.
Together, Part I and Part II give a good picture of the ‘Weatherness’ project as it was carried out.

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