De wind komt altijd van elders - the wind always comes from elsewhere

The installation ‘De wind komt altijd van elders’ is about cultural diversity, meeting and experiencing the world and each other differently.
The wind carries all kinds of things with it; sounds, sea air, sand from the Sahara, storms, diseases, wars, refugees… The wind always comes from elsewhere and invisibly connects different locations and people. It is a poetic metaphor for ‘the city without walls’ in a globalised world being in full crisis.
In a city where different worlds coexist, we encounter each other in the physical public space. There, small talk about the weather forms an important social ritual. Communication that allows us to connect safely. The weather is the same for everyone and thus we feel connected to each other for a short while.
The installation in the showcase of Gallery Sanaa includes texts and weather reports that originate from different cultures. The way people talk about the weather reflects a culture’s relationship to its geography, to its history, to its prejudices. This installation offers the viewer a mental journey in passing: weather reports from different cultures take us beyond the boundaries of our own closed world and reveal new perspectives.